Breast Revision

Breast Implants Revision

Breast augmentation is a very popular operation. Usually the results are beautiful. Sometimes the results are less than desired and breast implant revision is necessary. The most common reason is a desire to change the size of the implants or a desire to change the type of implant fill, with saline or silicone. There are other reasons such as the implants being too firm (contracture) or poor asymmetric positioning. There are many options to improve the appearance of implants and it is these specific situations that rely on the surgeon's skill and artistic ability.

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Breast Asymmetry

Breast RevisionBreast asymmetry is a condition in which one breast is noticeably different from the other. This is manifest by conditions where one breast is larger than the other, one nipple is higher or spaced further from the center. It can also be as a result of breast folds which are higher or an enlarged areola.

There are different treatments for each asymmetry. Size differences can be adjusted by removal of fat/breast tissue from the layer breast. Droopiness is corrected by the removal of the excess skin of the breast. Removal of the skin is also a valuable treatment for nipple malposition or areola asymmetry. Breast folds can be lowered by pushing the crease internally.

There are multiple options available and the decision to use one of the various techniques is something that can be discussed between you and your surgeon the day of your consultation.

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Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is the most common complication associated with breast implant surgery, which can develop within the first six weeks after the patient’s original breast augmentation. This is because regardless of the type of implant used, the body will naturally create a capsule – a "walling off" process that is a natural response when a substance isn’t biologically recognized. The capsule can form around the blood vessels, collagen, and fibroblasts.

In some patients, the capsule can squeeze or contract into itself, which then forms a contracture. Although there is no definite cause behind this occurrence, some reasons may include hematoma (blood) around the implant or a subclinical infection. However, in my experience, implants placed in the subglandular location are more likely to experience contracture.

Capsular contractures can range from mild to very severe. Therefore, based on the patient’s particular situation, the most appropriate treatment will be determined. Some patients may require relocating the implant to a submuscular position in order to treat the contracture. The other treatments that may be performed include the use of Strattice and other non-surgical techniques.

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